H-1B Petitions

LA Jobs is a recruitment agency that specializes in placing qualified individuals with companies that are willing to sponsor the applicant for an H-1B Visa also known as a Working visa.

H-1B Visas are non-immigrant visas issued to individuals holding a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent (e.g. minimum of 5 years experience working a specific line of work).

Once approved, the H-1B visa authorizes the individual to work in the U.S. for the sponsoring company, usually for a period of three years. This can be renewed for another 3 years. An H-1B visa holder may also apply of the green card or permanent residence in the U.S. is the employer is willing to petition the employee for this change of status.

You probably have a lot of questions.
Questions such as:
- What is the procedure?
- Who handles the procedure?
- How much will it cost?

For answers to these and other questions please view our FAQ.


  • Marian Senido02-24-15

    What if applicant has a Tourist Visa, can we convert that into a Working Visa when he/she is in the States?

    • lajobs02-25-15

      Yes, if you are in the US on a tourist visa, you may apply for change of status from B-1/B2 tourist visa to an H1B work visa (nonimmigrant worker). You must have a US company that will be willing and able to petition you. Please visit our FAQ section (http://www.lajobsea.com/frequently-asked-questions/) for more details.

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